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How do we get you that dream hair? It all starts with a consultation!

We all get it sometimes, scrolling through Instagram, or you see someone out and about, and you think to yourself that it might be time for a change. It might be a subtle change, or bold and daring, like rainbows and pastels, or dark to blonde, or dull to a bright copper!

Why not transform your look! After all, a change is just as good as a holiday! But first, there are a few things you need to consider.

Reference photos

We all have that Pinterest board of dream hair pics! And if you do not, have some fun scrolling Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration! Bringing in a reference photo, or several to your appointment is better than words to us hairdressers. We love to scroll through an album of inspo pics with you of dream hair you never thought possible, to slightly varying looks, to looks you do not want. Pictures are everything, and they will help us create your dream hair!

Hair History

Knowing the history of your hair is super important for us, especially if your wanting a change. Have you been using cheap supermarket products? Has your hair been chemically treated or coloured in the last 4 years? If your answer is “yes, but it was about 2 years ago so the colour won’t be in there anymore….” The answer is still yes, and the colour is still on those ends and affects our choice’s going forward. Just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean that it is gone. Could there be some sneaky old balayage or foils under that brown colour? Or some henna colour that you felt like trying 2 years ago that has now faded? Being honest with us about your hair history is crucial in avoiding any disasters in the salon.

Your Hair Journey

So, how do we get from A: your hair now, to B: that dream hair you may ask? It is not always as easy as one colour service and you’re at your dream hair. To achieve a certain look it can at times, take multiple sessions in salon. We need to consider the health of your hair, previous colour and chemical history and product build up, all in which, will influence how we get you from A to B. Together we will come up with a plan to get you there. We base our entire plan around keeping the integrity and strength in your hair.

Sometimes, prior to our colouring appointment we may need to get you set up with a hair care plan including, shampoo, conditioner, and treatments. Well-nourished and healthy hair is our best canvas when transforming your colour.

If you have brittle, dry hair, we may need to do a series of conditioning and rebuilding treatments in the weeks leading up to colouring; if you have decided that blonde is for you after being a brunette for years, this will take a series of lightening sessions over weeks or months. No one wants to end up with over processed, damaged blonde hair. We want those locks to be shiny and silky!

Looking after those Locks!

Before committing to your new do, you will need to know how to maintain your look! You need to consider with some colours, they require you to attend the salon more regularly. You may need to get a toner every 3-4 weeks or get a blonde touch up done every 5 weeks without fail. You need to think about if you can commit time to that upkeep and cost.

We take pride in the amazing products we use in salon, but your hair needs care at home too! Using shampoo, conditioners, treatments, and styling products, tailored to your new look is the number one thing that is going to keep you colour looking its freshest for the longest. Some products on the market are filled with cheap and damaging ingredients that will compromise your colour and health of your hair. So, it is always best to shop for these with your hairdresser!

Now, we know this is a lot to take in, but this way we can plan, discuss, and achieve results that you will love!

You can call us at Brush and Co. to book in a free consultation.

PH: 0413 224 962

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