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Brow Lamination

Are your brows behaving badly but you don’t want to

trim or tweeze them any more than you already have?

Gone are the days of the 90’s, overplucked brow, and

up until recently, the heavily shaded in brow.

2020 is all about being natural, full and feathery!

Introducing the Brow Revolution at Brush and Co!

Why Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a service that specifically relaxes

and tames rogue and unruly brows. Using Natural

Keratin, it is infused into each strand of hair to

straighten, soften, and shape your brows by redirecting

your natural eyebrow growth; and in doing so,

increasing the diameter of each hair and holding them

in place.

This service does not cause any damage to the hairs,

but provides penetrable nourishment and anti-oxidants

and hydration to each hair for increasing growth.

Pair an Eyebrow Lamination service with a wax and

tint, and after 60 minutes with us you will be feeling

fresh with tamed and styled brows!

Brow Lamination offers the following benefits:

 Realigns your brows to give them the shape you desire

 Increases the fullness and volume of your eyebrows

 Gives your brows a sleek and well-kept look that

frames your face

 Softens your facial features to help you look and feel


 Last up to 4-6 weeks


 Like most treatments - Do not touch or wet the

brows for 24 hrs

 No saunas or spas for 24 hrs

 Henna brow services can be performed 48 hrs

after treatment


Your amazing brows will last you 4-6 weeks and can be

repeated as needed. You will no longer be needing

countless brow makeup products; and really, the less

time you have to spend getting ready in the morning,

the better!

Brow Lamination $90

Brow Lamination, wax and tint $139

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