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The closest thing to having eyelash extensions without having eyelash extensions!

Created with the same professional fibres and designs as our individual eyelash extensions, PROeffect+ will help you achieve that eyelash extension look, from the comfort of your own home. The perfect hybrid of our professional lash extensions and our strip lashes. PROeffect+ lashes are "ready to cut" long-wearing strip lashes, which are applied to the natural lash line. With a lightweight, natural, and super fluffy finish, you can create your own eyelash extension styles and build a completely customised look.

Lash base DIY kit

50 ml
  • Each PROeffect+ DIY Lash Kit includes:

    2 x PROeffect+ Lashes

    Straight Scissors - Silver

    PROeffect Strip Lash Applicator - Black

    Pink Mascara Wands x2

    PROeffect Lash Bond

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