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Y-Tip Extentions

Ktip Hair Extensions Melborune

If you want the Seamlessness of Tape In Extensions

with Long Lasting Results ofTape In Extensions?  

Meet Y Tip Hair Extensions!

This new method of strand by strand extensions is gentle

on the hair, long-lasting and undetectable.  

Brush and Co. have introduced this new version of
hair extensions that allows for strand by strand

hair extensions that don't peek out at the root

with those pesky beads.

All About Y-Tip Hair Extensions By Brush and Co.


- Will hold the thinnest & finest hair without breakage or shedding.
- Completely undetectable because it lies flat and you won't feel the beads!
- The hair is super lightweight and it is REUSABLE!
- No re-tipping necessary! No replacement tapes!
- Cost less than tape in but lasts longer with no damage!


Our Y Tip Hair Extension range is the latest and revolutionary hair extension range. These extensions are attached with a very small silicon ring and offer an absolute flat surface which offers maximum comfort.

Since the surface is flat, these extensions feel lighter on the head, doesn’t poke and blends seamlessly with natural hair giving a knockout flawless look.

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